How Legends Are Born - About Namath Products

namath products Pro Football Hall of Famer, Joe Namath, and his cousin, Chef Jon Molnar, teamed up in 2012 to create “Namath Products”. Namath Products brings innovative products to the food enthusiast. Whether enjoying cooking in your own backyard or at your favorite sports venue, Namath Products is sure to enhance your cooking experience! All of our products are chef inspired, and our goal is to bring restaurant quality products to your home, cookout, campsite, tailgate, or anywhere you go!

Joe Namath spent many years living in New York City, where some of the top steakhouses in the world are located. One day, Chef Jon Molnar called him and told him about a business that he had just started. He wanted Joe to taste some of the sauces that he was selling for his business. Chef Jon Molnar™ Specialty Foods, located in Canton, Ohio (home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame), has a line of all natural, gluten-free pasta and pizza sauces. After falling in love with the sauces, Namath immediately decided to endorse his cousin’s line of sauces.

As they were finalizing the details of the endorsement, Namath reminisced about the food from New York’s top steakhouses. He asked his cousin, “Why doesn’t my steak taste like that when I cook them at my house in Florida?” Chef Jon asked, “What are you cooking them on?” After hearing Namath’s response, Molnar explained that restaurants are different because they use commercial cooking equipment, such as broilers, rather than outdoor grills.

Chef Jon explained that commercial broilers heat up over 1000 degrees F, quickly sealing in the juices and flavor of the steak. The problem is that they can cost upwards of $10,000. After hearing this, Namath was given two options; either spend $10,000 on a new broiler or custom build his own.

Deciding to design his own, Namath traveled to Canton, Ohio to meet with his cousin and a top engineer in infrared technology. After hours of sketching the design, they decided that the broiler should be portable and lightweight. Once a prototype was created, Molnar prepared a couple of steaks to try. Namath soon realized that using this type of equipment is both easier and faster than an everyday outdoor grill. The production of the Namath Rapid Cooker launched soon after his trip to Canton, Ohio.